Designs by Vanessa Behymber or Bekki Bouvet

"You have bought a license to use these design.
The ownership of the designs belongs to Vanessa Behymber or Bekki
or any of the designers on Vintage Barngirl or Needle Dreams .

You are NOT allowed to edit the design you've purchased or have gotten as a Free/Sample other than changing the colors of thread or adding lettering if it does not alter the design itself..

Free/Samples Designs are only allowed on your own personal items
or as gifts.
They cannot be used on items for sale.
They cannot be shared with other people.

We have many customers who sell at craft shows or consignment shops. Permission is always granted to sell stitchouts of our designs on garments in minimal quantities, (such as craft shows, etc.).
in small ( less than 50 )quantities.

If you're selling completed items on an online auction, web page, or other Internet source, please include the information in your description of the item on the web page

RESALE OF DESIGNS IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED and will be considered a copyright violation. Design files are licensed to the original purchaser. .
"Our policy is that designs, directions and color information will be replaced upon proof of original purchase for one year only.
We will only replace these items to the original purchaser.
No exceptions will be made to this policy."

" If designs are to be sent to someone other than the person who is ordering them, the information needs to be given at the time of purchase, or replacement requests will not be honored."

"Any design which has been sold on the VBG or ND website, carrying the VBG or ND copyrights &/or carrying the VBG or ND_ prefix.... which has been uploaded to any groups or websites other than by Vanessa Behymer or Bekki Bouvet is a copyright violation subject to penalties and prosecution."
"Rights to designs or images are assigned per agreement, exclusively to ND

Vanessa & Bekki
Elegant and Country Designs for all of your needs.

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